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Monday, July 25, 2011


Here is a few of my Photoshop Things I have made at home for fun.


These are a few illustrations I have done in Illustrator

Baja Logo

This was created for the Baja Engineering Competition. They liked my first logo but wanted more options with the wording around it so this is what I came up with. They ended up choosing the third one down on the left. This logo was on water bottles flyers and posters.

Grunge Poster

This was a poster I created in Photoshop. This is a real event, although this poster was never turned in to them because they did not show interest in having a poster for it.

Abstract Art

This is some abstract art I created in Illustrator and then brought into Photoshop to put
the background in it, to give it the antique look.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Square Space Site

This is my final site only built in Square space. It was quite different and all in all I would say I like Dreamweaver better only because I do not know everything with editing on square space. I like square space because the text and colors are so easy to change and apply; which makes it very easy to get the feel you want.

Final Wordpress Site

This is my final wordpress site. I used this instead of dreamweaver because it was free. I created this page for a locally owned and operated business in Iola, Kansas.